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Although conventional reels are the tackle of choice for kite baits, big spinning reels with a large line capacity are favorites for flat line applications. You also want to match your baits to the size of the sailfish. Dana noted that when small sailfish of 5-to-15 pounds are plentiful, sardines are ideal for them. Typically, Dana fishes goggle-eyes on the far kite lines because they stay in the water better. Herring might be on the middle kite lines or short lines, and sardines will be on the short lines. The livelier your baits, the better, so top teams are particular about their baitwells. Get Lit has three wells: one on each side of the cockpit and one in the floor. Miller said you want one bait per gallon, so a 60-gallon baitwell should never have more than 60 baits. "A lot of times, people will overload their wells and their baits will suffer," Miller said. Wound Up has a baitwell on each side of the cockpit and each well has two pumps just in case one of the pumps malfunctions. One baitwell pump is running while the boat is fishing. If a pump goes down, the hose is switched to the backup pump so the baits remain frisky. Each well has about the same amount of baits. A key feature of Wound Up's wells is their large glass tops, which allow the crew to keep an eye on the baits and get them out of the well with a bait net more easily. "You don't want to be in there just dipping baits out, because the more you're just dipping and dipping and dipping, you're just beating your baits up," says Dudas. Suffice it to say that rigging for sails is a meticulous process, and that each component, from the angler all the way to the bait, plays a critical role in achieving consistent success. A lot of times, people will overload their wells and their baits will suffer.

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