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Sometimes if we're chasing after a fish, we'll even go down to a 20-pound test leader to try to get the bite." On big boats like Wound Up and Get Lit, the kite rods are fished from a rocket launcher. Wound Up has a Bluewater rocket launcher that holds six rods and can turn, which allows the baits to be positioned where Dudas wants them. Miller said Get Lit has a custom, double-wide rocket launcher with six rod- holders angled forward in front, and five straight up and down in back. Miller said if someone is fighting a fish, the other kite rods can be placed in the second row of rod-holders to keep them out of the angler's way. BAITS & LIVEWELLS Bigeye scad, more commonly known as goggle-eyes, are by far the most popular sailfish bait. They are strong swimmers and can be used in all types of sea conditions, but are especially good when seas are rough. Threadfin herring, sardines, pilchards, ballyhoo, blue runners, tinker mackerel, and even small bonitos also will catch sailfish. Most boats bring a selection of baits just in case the fish are particular, as well as to match the fishing conditions. Wound Up takes along 60 goggle-eyes on tournament days and at least that many smaller baits such as herring, sardines, and pilchards. "If it's going to be really calm, we're going to be using a lot of smaller baits," Dudas said. "If it's going to be really rough and you're going to have a lot more wind, you're going to want bigger baits." Left: Constant success requires both proper techniques and top-rated gear. Above: Organization and teamwork are the keys to successful sailfishing, especially with multiple hook-ups. Top South Florida teams often use kites to keep live baits splashing on the surface to attract the fast-moving game fish. Photo: Richard Gibson.

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