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BY CA STAFF BOAT SHOPPING. SAVVY? Do your homework to avoid the sting of buyer's VIQSVWI ERH KIX XLI VMKLX FSEX XLI ½VWX XMQI SYX There's good reason why the two happiest days in a boater's life are when he buys a boat and then when he sells it. Boats, IWTIGMEPP] ½WLMRK QSHIPW GER FI GSWXP] XMQI GSRWYQMRK ERH a royal pain in the posterior. But they are also a treasured ZILMGPI JSV PMJIXMQI QIQSVMIW ITMG FEXXPIW ERH WTIGMEP TVMHI ;LMGL MW [L] XLI QSQIRX XLEX FSEX MW WSPH XLI WIVMSYW ERKPIV is already shopping for the next one. Of course, even if we're already in a happy boat- owner relationship, our eyes and mind will always wander. We plan, scheme, configure, and reconfigure the layout of the perfect fishing platform and we covet the brand new fishing machine our neighbor just bought. Whether your taste runs to versatile inshore rigs or offshore mega machines, it's important to consider more than just raw fishing power before signing the dotted line. If you're about to tie the knot with a new boat, there are at least three major factors to evaluate: usage, price, and maintenance.

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