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But, when money is involved, the temptation to cheat is too much for some. Besides transgressions like not having the proper licenses, allowing someone else to touch the rod, or counting a Jacksonville rather than Palm Beach release, serious shenanigans do occur. Like stuffing a fish with lead sinkers. Or weighing one caught days earlier. Or trimming the tail of an oversized redfish. I've known anglers to use spotter planes or hire another boat to live chum and draw the fish into their spread. Regardless the scheme, it violates the rules of fair play and sportsmanship. Tournament officials thwart cheating with digital proof of catches, on-board observers, protest rules, even polygraph tests of the winners. Fraud still continues, though, and that's too bad. It gives my sport a black eye. If cheaters would spend half as much time honing their angling skills as they do trying to win illegally, they'd earn plenty of prizes—the right way. And have a lot more fun doing it, too. Tips for a Stress-free Tournament Experience 1. Concentrate on established events with an anti-cheating protocol. 2. Fish with a team of family or friends. 3. Book the best boat/crew possible. 4. Research local reports and conditions beforehand. 5. Be prepared with the right tackle, bait, etc. 6. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. 7. Compete hard, but practice good sportsmanship. 8. Relax and have fun!

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