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aggressive, piling up with a hungry urgency all over Guy—on his head, over his shoulder, between his legs. I try to sneak shots of Guy as his head peeks out from between the mass of rays. He calls them by name during our shoot and says that he "needs to do a new population study," since some of the rays he's familiar with don't seem to be around today. Studio Time Before heading home, Guy and I stop by his studio so I can see some of his new work, including the Cayman marlin painting. His studio, in the heart of Georgetown, not only showcases his latest works, but also serves as a kind of museum, chronicling Guy's life in art from childhood, including some fascinating early, and incredibly detailed, drawings. And, as I take it all in, another thing becomes clear in the studio…Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea has informed Guy's art and inspired his fishing soul for several decades. Guy, one of the world's true renaissance men— an artist, scientist, writer, TV host, environmentalist, and, of course, big game fisherman—has long been influenced by the spirit of perseverance, self-reliance, and single-mindedness captured in Hemingway's Old Man. But, even more striking is that this character finds such clear expression in Guy's self-effacing way of life. When I left him, he was heading off to Scotland to set his up his son for university. Here he is, The Man, putting family first. One Last Dip Before Guy left on his trip, we talked briefly about diving, how much he loves to dive sites like Hammerhead Hill and Ghost Mountain, and that I should try to get to them before I leave. "I haven't had a chance to dive much for pleasure on this trip," I say. Although it's hard for me to say the dives I've done haven't been enjoyable. "You should, man," he says. He doesn't say it explicitly, but he's telling me, artist-to-artist, that I need to go dive and keep the waters and reefs of Cayman alive and fresh in people's minds. So, I head out with Sunset Divers the next morning and, as soon as I click my shutter-release looking up the wall at Eagle's Nest, I realize Guy is right. You can't conserve, be an adventurer, a steward of the sea, or inspire people unless you see, feel, embrace, and always remind yourself of what you're trying to protect. I take my photos, make my ascent, and realize I'm following in Guy's footsteps. I've come through the secret window of the sea with my images, ready to show the world why the ocean matters, and hope I can live up to Guy's belief that, "We are living in times when artists can make important statements about…the natural world around us." Yellow tube sponges on the wall at Eagle's Nest off Grand Cayman.

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