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of all the work that Guy's done in his life to inspire and motivate people to conserve, practice good ocean stewardship, and help save endangered species, suddenly, almost out of nowhere, there's a fish he acknowledges as OK, and even desirable, to try every effort and means to eradicate. But, here it is. Ocean conservation has been turned on its head with the Caribbean lionfish. And this is what makes Guy such a strong voice for the ocean. He has said that as an artist he can "make important statements about the condition and over- exploitation of the natural world around us." And in the same breath, he recognizes that the over-exploitation of resources, of which humans are remarkably effective, can be the exact, most beneficial, and quite probably the only approach to stemming the eco-disaster of the lionfish in the Caribbean. Fishing with Guy, surrounded by some of his favorite research subjects, at Grand Cayman's Stingray City in North Sound. the Mentor I don't know why fishermen like to get up before dawn to go fishing. But they do. And Guy Harvey is a true fisherman. It runs through his veins thicker than blood. I meet him at his boat. And, although I've known Guy personally for many years, this is the first time I'm going fishing with him. My long association with Guy has always revolved around our shared passion of diving. As a writer and photographer, I've traveled the globe for three decades, capturing the essence of the marine environment in words and pictures to tell compelling stories. But for all the boat time I've logged, this is the first time I've gone out to take on big game fish. Clearly, I'm in Guy's world now. There are about 10 poles of different sizes on the boat, but thankfully, we have a mask and snorkel just in case we want to jump in the water to take a shot of any billfish we catch before we release it. At least I know how to do that. As we head

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