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Southern Rum Rum Cay becomes home to the second Guy Harvey Outpost Resort. Rum Cay is a well known out-island destination for fishermen, divers, and all manner of Bahamas-loving island junkies. And, now it's getting a new Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, which opens this spring, following renovation and renaming of the already popular Summer Point Marina & Villas. "Every serious angler or diver has the Southern Bahamas on his or her bucket list," says Mark Ellert, president of Guy Harvey Outpost Properties. "Every mariner knows it's where you put in for fuel and shore leave, and with a lack of crowds or development, Rum Cay enthusiasts consider it their own private island retreat." Indeed, Rum Cay has all the makings of an island paradise. History? Check. It was the second island to be visited by Columbus during his voyage in 1492, and home to the wreck of the 101-gun HMS Conqueror (which sank off Sumner Point in 1861), now preserved and protected as "the Bahamas Underwater Museum." Healthy environment? Check. Fifty miles southeast of Georgtown, Rum Cay boasts only 60 permanent residents. It's also next door to Conception Island, which is part of the Bahamas National Land and Sea Park sanctuary. Accessibility? Check. The Bahamas have recently invested in infrastructure upgrades to the island's power grid and phone lines and just put in a new 5,000-foot runway for improved air lift. The Rum Cay project follows the reopening of the Bimini Big Game Club last year as a Guy Harvey Outpost. "Rum is the southern gateway in and out of the Bahamas, just like Bimini is to the north, so this will be a welcome Outpost for any of our customers spending time further down the island chain," says Ellert. It promises access to world- class fishing, diving, and paddle sports. It's also emerging as a destination for more extreme activities. In December, it hosted its second "Jump Boogie," a weeklong skydiving and kite- surfing event. And, equally important in the Guy Harvey universe, Rum Cay provides access to some of the richest waters in the region. "Conception [Island] is just 10 miles from Rum," says Dr. Guy Harvey, "In addition to the fantastic diving there, we intend to work with the government in expanding the coral and shark research work of the Guy Harvey Research Institute, which is a cornerstone of our Outpost program in the Bahamas." In converting the Summer Point property to the Guy Harvey Outpost Club and Marina, immediate plans include rebuilding the marina and fuel dock, adding a dive shop, refurnishing existing beachfront cottages, and redeveloping the club's popular Out of the Blue restaurant. These improvements are scheduled for completion by the start of the summer boating season. Work will begin in the fall on additional Rum Cay, currently in the middle of a Guy Harvey makeover, is the gateway to the Southern Bahamas.

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