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Guy Harvey Magazine is focused on fishing, boating, scuba diving, and marine conservation. Portfolios from the world's best fishing photographers, articles on gear, travel, tournaments, apparel, lifestyle, seafood recipes, sustainable fisheries.

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Get in Touch We asked readers what they liked about Guy Harvey Magazine and their suggestions to make it better. Here are a few of their responses. We welcome comments and recommendations from our esteemed readers anytime. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon! Fan us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send us an E-Mail Editor@ Write us a Letter P.O. Box 34075 Pensacola, Florida 32507 Shared Passions ROBERT GANOE, via e-mail Need a Contest ROBERT ANDERSON, via e-mail More…please? The Art T-Shirt of the Conservation meets casual wear and becomes a force for good Pacific Puzzle Solving the A high-tech approach to tracking billfish COMPLETE ANGLER Gear, Destinations, Experts & Fisheries A new journal published every issue in GHM. 1 DREW HALL, via e-mail 'ETX *VIH ±)EKPI )]IW² 6SPPI HI½RMXIP] HIWIVZIW LMW RMGOREQI 8LI FIWX EPP EVSYRH ¾EXW ¾] SYX½X MW E [IMKLX VSH ERH E XST SJ XLI PMRI VIIP Just In NANETTE EUBANKS, via Facebook low res The Art of Ocean Conservation VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 FALL 2011 $6.95 A Great Change *MRW MR WLEPPS[ [EXIV EP[E]W HIWIVZI EXXIRXMSR 4EX´W GSQTPIXI EVWIREP SJ ¾MIW JSV XLI &ELEQEW ¾EXW 32 33 KT WARD, via e-mail

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