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GUY HARVEY LIFESTYLE MANY FACES OF JULI GOLDSTEIN BY GHM STAFF When GHM caught up to Juli recently she was frantically packing for a trip to California to compete in the Ms. America Pageant. On her Facebook profile, she’s wearing a Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation shirt (she wears it well, by the way) because one of her passions is ocean conservation. During the course of our conversation, we learned there’s a lot more to Juli than a pretty smile and the ability to strut in front of judges in five-inch heels. You see, Juli is actually Dr. Juli Goldstein, veterinarian, specializing in marine mammals. She’s a college professor, has run nine marathons, is a Rotarian, a lecturer, a Junior Leaguer, and, oh yeah, she competes in pageants and is the current Ms. Florida. That’s an impressive resumé for a 33-year-old. Fortunately, she donated a slice of her time to tell us more about her life, her passions, and her connection with the oceans. What got you into the pageants scene? - IRXIVIH Q] ½VWX pageant as a teenager since almost every little girl dreams of being a beauty queen. However, as I soon learned, there was more to the pageants than just “beauty.” I was coached in interview skills, what to wear, and most importantly how to maintain one’s poise and composure under pressure. These are life skills that I have built on and use every day. Finally, after winning several titles, I took a break and went to college. What are some of your proudest pageant titles/ accomplishments? Holding the title of Ms. Florida 2009 opened many doors and allowed me to support a variety of people and organizations. During that year, I ran with a relay team over 200 miles across the state of Florida to VEMWI QSRI] JSV XLI +Y] ,EVZI] 3GIER *SYRHEXMSR - [EW EPWS LSRSVIH XS LIPT raise funds for the Wheelchairs for Warriors charity, when I pushed a wounded 971' GSQFEX ZIXIVER MR LMW [LIIPGLEMV HYVMRK XLI QMPI 8EQTE 1EVEXLSR 72 .YPM +SPHWXIMR FIEYX] UYIIR TSWIW JSV E TVSQSXMSR TLSXS 7LI HSIW RSX GSRHSRI XSYGLMRK QEVMRI QEQQEPW YRPIWW MX MW JSV QIHMGEP TYVTSWIW How have pageants helped you raise awareness for ocean conservation? Holding a title provides instant access to different audiences than I would normally speak to. Pageants have allowed me to give a face and a voice to ocean conservation on a much broader scale. It’s not a common platform and, therefore, it stands out amongst the other title holders. In addition, I have worn my banner in races that I was raising funds and bringing awareness to. A shiny banner and crown often gives people cause to take a second look, ask questions, and get involved.

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