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IRKMRI FEXXIVMIW SR XLI ¾] 4S[IV½PQ´W TERIPW EVI EFSYX XLI XLMGORIWW SJ GEVHFSEVH PMKLX[IMKLX ERH I\XVIQIP] ¾I\MFPI WS ]SY GER TYX XLIQ NYWX EFSYX anywhere without installation. They’re tough, too, and form easily to uneven surfaces. Just throw them on the deck or on the Bimini top and roll with it. An enterprising dude from California, Steve Murray, who runs Murrays Sports, brought Sea Eagle boats to the table and created an all-in-one TEGOEKI ¯ FSEX IPIGXVMG QSXSV ERH WSPEV TERIP 8LI 7IE )EKPI MR¾EXEFPI [MPP VYR EX XLVII ORSXW JSVIZIV YWMRK SRP] JYIP JVSQ XLI WYR 0IWW XLER buys the boat, Torqeedo engine, batteries, Bimini top, solar panel, and they even throw in oars, even though you will probably never need them. For more info or to purchase your carbon-free ride, check out Murrays Sports at [[[ QYVVE]W GSQ. Torqeedo also showed up in the kayak section of the boat show with their Ultralight, a bite-sized electric IRKMRI WTIGM½GEPP] HIWMKRIH JSV OE]EOW 8LMW PMXXPI XLMRK [EW mounted on a Hobie kayak but has a universal mount for any kayak. It can push a typical kayak almost six knots for EFSYX ER LSYV SV X[S ERH E LEPJ ORSXW JSV WM\ LSYVW ¯ that’s about 18 miles. The whole set up, battery, engine, XLVSXXPI ERH HMKMXEP HMWTPE] TERIP [IMKLW PIWW XLER pounds. For more information, visit [[[ XSVUIIHS GSQ. -47 HVMZIW -R IEGL GEWI XLI FSEXW ¯ JVSQ JYIP GSRWYQTXMSR F] VERKI JVSQ XS MQTVIWWMZI RSX XS QIRXMSR PIZIPW SJ RSMWI 6EHMGEP# - ZSXI ]IW And while it’s not necessarily a green feature, the IPS has integrated joystick steering that apparently makes docking large boats a breeze, even in a breeze and even if you’re all thumbs. XS XVEZIPMRK EFSYX JIIX ¯ VIHYGIH XLIMV *MJX] TIVGIRX FIXXIV VERKI EX ORSXW 8LEX I\XIRHIH XLIMV ORSXW 8LEX MW PIWW '3 IQMWWMSRW ERH KVIEXP] VIHYGIH Volvo IPS When I said earlier in this article that none of the big boys had unveiled anything truly radical, I lied. The fact is, Volvo is one of the big boys. And Volvo is making some bold claims about their new IPS outdrive system. Essentially, Volvo has created an alternative to the straight-shaft drive system that most PEVKI ½WLMRK FSEXW ERH ]EGLXW YWI Instead of a straight shaft, Volvo’s IPS is an outdrive, similar to what we all know and love (I jest) as the inboard/outboard system. Yet, instead of connecting the engine and the outdrive through the transom, the IPS system mounts through the hull, or in layman’s terms, on the bottom of XLI FSEX %TTEVIRXP] XLI GSQFMREXMSR SJ WXVIEQPMRIH SYXHVMZIW IJ½GMIRX propellers, and the elimination of the straight-shaft, dramatically improves IJ½GMIRG] %RH [LIR - WE] HVEQEXMGEPP] - QIER MX -R XLIMV XIWXW :SPZS SYX½XXIH MHIRXMGEP FSEXW [MXL WXVEMKLX WLEJXW ERH )GS GSQFS TEGOEKI ¯ IPIGXVMG QSXSV F] 8SVUIIHS WSPEV TERIP F] 4S[IV*MPQ ERH FSEX F] 7IE )EKPI 8LMW FEF] [MPP VYR EX XLVII ORSXW MRHI½RMXIP] SR WSPEV TS[IV 69

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