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“I jumped in the water as soon as she was under,” Nancy said, “and sure enough, she was sitting upright exactly where she was supposed to be.” The Kittiwake lies in a marine park and is protected under law in Cayman, with no touching or taking of anything. Snorkelers and divers are not allowed to wear gloves in an effort to keep them from touching the wreck or sensitive marine growth. The only exception MW XLI MRZEWMZI PMSR½WL [LMGL MW FIMRK controlled by divers in Cayman who are EPPS[IH XS XEOI XLI ½WL [MXL E WTIGMEPP] designed net. .IWWMGE ,EVZI] GVYMWIW XLI WXIVR SJ XLI Kittiwake DISTINCTIVELY UNIQUE Ever thought about going into business with your fishing buddy? Depends on which one, right? Well, that’s exactly what long-time friends Peter Stephenson and Richard Matalon did. Their company, Unique Furnishings, offers some, shall we say, “unique” Guy Harvey products such as placemats, exquisite hand-carved serving trays, and aluminum furniture. Both men hail from Guy’s home country of Jamaica. Their business began [MXL E PMRI SJ [MRHS[ ½PQW HMWTPE]MRK +Y]´W art that can be mounted to sliding glass HSSVW GEFMR [MRHS[W SJ ]SYV ½WLMRK FSEX or any other glass surface for that matter. They expanded from that product into some way cool casual furniture that is cast from solid aluminum. But, probably the most intriguing pieces in their line are the serving trays and placemats which are handmade by a local craftsman and his daughter in Jamaica. Every tray is hand- sanded and meticulously crafted and, of course, displays Guy’s art. The story goes like this: Matalon had known the craftsman from years earlier in Jamaica; then a few years ago they happened to run into each other while traveling. Matalon found out that the man had “fallen on hard times” so he decided to give him work. “It gives me a great sense of pride to know that I have helped someone,” Matalon said, referencing the old proverb, ±RSX F] KMZMRK LMQ E ½WL FYX VEXLIV EPPS[MRK LMQ XS ½WL ² -J ]SY [ERX XS WII all of the “unique furnishings,” check the website: [[[ FY]Y½ GSQ. .EQEMGER GVEJXWQER QEOIW GSPSVJYP TPEGIQEXW 13

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