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Above: Part of the wild bunch— Mike Conner, Polly Dean, Nate Chennaux and Morgan Promnitz— ready to launch for a day of fshing in Port St. Joe Bay. In fact, everyone there could hook some fsh. From my observations, Morgan Bridge. Catching a 25-lb. bull red…on light tackle…from a kayak…at midnight… Promnitz, Hobie's fshing product manager and Jerry McBride, a longtime fshing is one of those fshing rushes that reappear in your dreams from time to time. writer, were the most adept fshing afcionados. I can fsh pretty damn well, but Nate had never really done much kayaking, but you'd never have known it. Before these two guys were Zen masters. I told Morgan that any job title with the word the trip was over, he was Hobie-fed and ready to join the team. "fshing" in it is a good thing. He agreed. Oh yeah, Hobie. Crap, I was supposed to write a story about how great Hobie Our eccentric group was rounded out by Cheryl Little and Nate Chennaux, kayaks are, but what the hell, I got of track. So, yeah, uh, the Hobie Pro Angler 12 two super-friendly water activists with a ton of local knowledge. Cheryl runs and Pro Angler 14 are amazing. Here we go…They have this really wide beam, so a website called Bay County Outdoors ( I stood up and fy fshed most of the time. The chair has an adjustable back and and hosts a local TV show called Outdoors with Capt. Roy and Cheryl. Nate was a seat and is super comfy, especially for an old fart with bad knees like me. Plus, it's much-needed twist of lime to our squeaky-clean crowd of granola crunchers. removable and doubles as a beach or bonfre chair. No kidding. With his Al-Queda-esque beard and ever-present Newport menthol cigarette, he During three days of angling, I caught some nice trout while only almost added some, shall I say, spicy Butt Rub to our group. Plus, he had the bead on the falling out once. And, yes, the kayaks were everything I expected and more. The monster bull reds, which we caught every night, right on cue, under the East Bay pedal drive system (as opposed to a paddle) is perfect for fshing because you stow the paddle away and rarely, if ever, use it. This gives you two hands to fsh with, which I have found is at least twice as good as one hand. The rudder and conveniently located steering lever make pinpoint maneuvering possible. Actually, the steering on the kayaks is freakishly accurate, to the point that I talked about it so much that everyone rolled their eyes and tuned me out. It's okay, I have a teenage daughter so I'm used to being ignored. The anchor system is equally well thought out and functions great. They have accessories from live wells to bottom machines to electric trolling motors. Plus, these dream machines are made in the good ol' U.S.A. What more do you want? I mean, they're Hobies—a company that perfected small catamaran sailboats in the 1960s and has been making stellar boats ever since. The sailboats are still considered the top in class and Hobie's line of kayaks is following in the family footsteps. So, after the fshing experience, do I still covet these kayaks? More than ever. Did the nice folks at Hobie let me take one home to try out for four or fve years? Not yet, but I'm still working on 'em. One fnal thing, just to clarify: As far as I know, no one ever got a Mike Conner, Editor of Fly & Light Tackle Angler magazine, releasing a 25-in. speckled trout. real butt rub.

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