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LAST CAST HOOKED ON KAYAKS So I'm having dinner with a bunch of folks I'd just met when his iPhone breaks." And, "He used 'it's' three times instead this dude from Texas asks, "Okay, who wants a butt rub?" of 'its.' I mean, come on. It's a simple contraction with an Awkward silence, to put it mildly. apostrophe. Figure it out, dude!" After a brief moment of strangeness, I noticed that the A gaggle of laughter ensues. Yes, we are hopeless geeks. dude was sprinkling a red powder called Butt Rub on his However, we are also geeks who fsh hard. Then we write steak. Ah, that Butt Rub! Thanks man, but I'll stick to the some stuf. Then we get paid for it. That's a pretty sweet gig. salt and pepper. The question was popped by Keeton Eof, Just consider that three days of my work-week consisted of a marketing guy from Hobie Kayaks. Eof is a homegrown staying in a luxury condo at the beach, fshing for six hours Texan where everything is big, the food is spicy and, a day, and then consuming food and drink someone else apparently, Butt Rub is a popular condiment. He was also bought. I love my life. one of the hosts of our gathering, so I just smiled and decided to write about it. I realized I'd fallen into a quirky crowd—a mixed bag of The irony of this particular press outing was that my very frst kayak fshing experience was in Port St. Joe 15 years ago. I'd gotten this kayak, which was molded to hold FRED GARTH media peeps who had converged on the tiny, coastal town a scuba tank in the back. I quickly discovered that scuba For the past 25 years, Fred D. of Port St. Joe, Florida, for a week of kayak fshing. The Hobie diving from a kayak makes about as much sense as eating Garth's articles have appeared in Writer's Conference, as it was suspiciously called, brought soup with chopsticks, so I had the idea of using the plastic numerous books, magazines and together an eclectic (the nice word writers use for "weird") craft to sneak up on trout in shallow water. And Port St. Joe newspapers around the world. group of personalities from all over the country to fsh hard, bay is stacked up with big, leery trout on miles and miles of Read his blog at: yak it up, yuk it up, and commiserate about fshing, life, love grass fats. My best buddy liked the idea, too, so he bought and the truly amazing variety of meat sauces available to a kayak. We strapped those suckers on my truck and packed the general public. the cooler for the trip. Two of our redneck friends laughed Over the years, I've attended a bunch of these press trips where we underpaid writers get free food and lodging and the opportunity to bitch about freelance writers and magazine editors we really hate. That may sound boring to when they saw our rig. "Hey man, y'all look like Lewis and Clark," one said. "Ya got any beaver traps in there?" They were towing a 17-ft. Aquasport with a you, but to those of us in the media biz, it's gripping stuf— 115-horsepower outboard and a trolling motor—an ideal especially when the booze starts fowing, voices get louder setup for Port St. Joe. But after three days of fshing, ol' Lewis and, inevitably, some poor freelancer gets tossed into the and Clark had about twice as many fsh in the cooler. The blender (not literally). bubbas didn't go out and buy kayaks. That was like voting Typically, you hear scathing comments like, "His Democrat to them. But they didn't give us any more grief articles change tense more than I change the channel." Or, either. And I'm not saying I predicted the current kayak "He thinks a deadline is something that happens when angling revolution, but I knew we were onto something big.

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