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cast was attacked by ladyfsh, as the diminutive tarpon doppelgangers put on daunting aerial displays that had all three of us cheering like sugar-rushed school kids. After delicately releasing an overzealous pelican that tried to suck down a hooked ladyfsh from Alberto's line, Butch found the magic method of presentation and began dialing in numerous bejeweled speckled trout up to three pounds. In an hour and a half's time, we released nearly a hundred ladyfsh and specks between us—stashing away two legal specks in the cooler—and we jumped back in the truck and headed back to Alberto's place. He then put his legendary culinary talents on display, dishing out thinly sliced speckled trout sushi. There's nothing like enjoying a solid fsh dinner, surrounded by best friends. At that moment, FEMA was a world away, although Jersey did come back to mind. Another brother, Sean Reilly, after some persistent Jersey-style trash talking, fnally manned up and decided to play hooky from his job as a boat salesman. He booked a fight down from Atlantic City to join me in Ft. Myers. Without hesitation, the moment Sean landed, he and I put the keys in Rush's pickup truck and headed straight to the local secret spot for sheepshead. It's the Sanibel Island B-span bridge bulkhead. Some wily locals had already claimed the hot spot of the corner bulkhead, bailing one sheepshead after another, and we were forced to pick up the remnant shorts on the outskirts of the main school. "We've gotta get in on that spot," I said to Reilly, frustration mounting. And then, as if the fsh gods heard my impassioned plea, a heavy rainstorm settled in and sent the locals packing. That's when we made our move. Through driving rain, Sean and I mugged the spot up and began to absolutely light up the sheepshead, eventually landing eight keepers up to 19 in. long, enough for a solid dinner. With the sun setting, it was time to fnally get back to Rush's house to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Rush whipped up some crazy, old-fashioned family recipe, seasoned with local favor, grilling up the sheepshead, and matched it with backstraps and tenderloins from the wild pigs of Rush and Wagner's morning hunt in the orange groves. With full bellies, Sean and I packed up our gear that night in anticipation of our "Day 5" fshing adventure to Key West the next morning. I laid my head down on the pillow for a few hours sleep before the Key West ferry's departure at the crack of

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