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Lindgren-Pitman S-1200 Top-level fshing captains appreciate many features of the S-1200. Although this is one of the most expensive electric reels available, it ofers serious technology and performance and the utility of a 12-volt power system. The cantilever spool system is completely sealed to discourage corrosion, and there's a level winder to wrap the line back on the spool. The removable and interchangeable spool design allows quick line changes when shifting from one type of fshing to another. The L-P S-1200 is a good choice for those who want to troll multiple Hooker Electric dredge rigs. A true multi-tasker, the Hooker Electric will help you target whatever bottomfsh • Electronic Counter options the ocean has to ofer. Despite its sleek, lightweight design, it makes a great • Stop at Top Mode dredge reel with a dual-speed, wireless remote control accessory. Powered by a • Titanium Spool 12-volt system, the reel includes a level winder and digital line counter. Reeling in at MSRP $4,500 500-ft.-per-minute is impressive and allows quick retrieval and resetting from deep drops for more time in the strike zone. • Fits Shimano Tiagra Reels • Aluminum Construction • Variable Speed Control MSRP $2,275 Daiwa Seaborg 1000 Megatwin™ Power Assist Reel Two variable speed ranges deliver excellent versatility on this Daiwa model. There's high-speed retrieval when it's time to change fshing rigs or when moving to a new location. A second setting ofers more power to help control large fsh by keeping the pressure on the line during an extended fght. The Daiwa Megatwin™ is not suited to handle multiple dredge rigs, but there is a programmable auto-stop feature that prevents over-winding when the lure reaches the surface. • Electronic Counter • Maximum Winding Power: 20 lbs. • Max Drag: 44 lbs. MSRP $1,400

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