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Opposite: Nick Honachefsky with a snook. But even that small pressure on the bunker begin to diminish, as there will be more competition proftability, with such a hardnosed passion. But stocks can have an impact in state waters and the amongst each other to consume other food sources inevitably, somewhere down the line, some outside schools that still go unprotected against out-of-state (i.e. spearing, anchovies, clams, snails, etc.), and even or internal industry, whether legal or black market, commercial boats outside of the three-mile federal non-traditional food sources like juvenile weakfsh is going to fnd how to make a proft of of a lowly line. Until early June, it's a bonanza on catching and blackfsh, etc. This will have a direct afect that baitfsh, and there will be a mad dash to wipe out stripers, but inevitably, out-of-state commercial will shoot upward, redistributing and rearranging the stocks. It's currently happening with glass eels bunker boats move into federal waters of Jersey, the food pyramid, then trickling down, putting more (juvenile American eels) in New Jersey that fetch the engines of spotter planes hum above, and pressure on the entire symbiotic food chain. If you $100 a pound overseas, creating a devious black within days, the once too plentiful bunker schools remove the anchor of the food chain, prepare for market to seine and sift the species to near are corralled up out of the ocean—save for a few the consequences. extinction in the local creek waters. That particular straggling pods—and guess what, the bass are no Fisheries managers, while focusing eforts on fght is still ongoing. longer to be found. The run is over. It's that simple. I'm laudable endeavors of protecting gamefsh, should not suggesting that the striper stocks get decimated, also be seriously focused on protecting baitfsh baitfsh stocks and you will protect your gamefsh It's a simple modicum. Protect the health of but what I am saying is that they immediately stocks. Maybe since menhaden have such strong stocks. Management ofcials of any gamefsh move on, northward to fnd more bunker schools commercial interests that cross over to politically species would be best served to begin proactively to feed upon, since their local food source has been backed industries outside of the fshing industry— developing their fsheries models after such a depleted. It's a direct correlation that the bass follow such as fsh oils for vitamins, cosmetics and poultry bottom-up approach. the food source, and over the years, if that particular feed—the sentiment is that there is no need to food source gets compromised, the striper stocks will protect say, sardines or whitebait, baitfsh with no

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