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was surprised, since he loves the water and spending time on the boat. But this Islands, of which Dr. Guy Harvey himself has been a big part. Guy has also was diferent. As soon as the dolphin came to say hi, my son noticed those long participated in the foundation's Reef Survey Projects that use volunteer divers to rows of white teeth. It made him cautious (smart kid), but after a while, the two conduct fsh surveys. When you pass by the group's headquarters, take time to warmed up to each other. Pretty soon, my son was having a blast. stop in and learn how you can help in one of their conservation eforts. And don't These kinds of interactions are possible because of a top-notch staf. On this trip, I got a full tour and was quickly impressed with the whole operation. There's a touch tank, gorgeous aquarium and, of course, a gift shop for getting that must- be shy about asking for some lionfsh fllets. If you've never had them, you'll fnd out just how delicious an invasive species can be. Back in the saddle, I kept heading south. I may be biased, but this is one the have souvenir. The facility itself is tucked away in a residential community and most beautiful stretches of highway in the U.S. Of course, some sights are amazing surrounded by houses, which really takes away anything that feels touristy. Unless for reasons other than scenic beauty. One example is a gigantic spiny lobster you know it's here, it's easy to pass by, and many do. Don't make that mistake. that stands on the side of the road at MM 86.7. It's located on the grounds of The Rain Barrel Village, which marks the beginning of Islamorada. This is a serious Not far from IDC, as you keep heading south on the Overseas Highway, you crustacean, and even the most jaded tourists usually sneak out of the car to strike will also notice a yellow, historic-looking house. It sits in the middle of the divided a pose with the big bug—if not for a photo album, then for a quick Facebook post. highway, between the north- and south-bound lanes at MM 98.3 and is the While you're there, take the opportunity to stroll through the Village's tropical home of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). This highly active gardens and contemporary arts and crafts displays. The place is a maze of little organization is dedicated to ocean conservation. Several months ago, I attended a shops, specialty foods and eye-catching sculptures. Lionfsh Derby in Miami, and Lad Akins, REEF's director of special projects, was the If Key Largo is the diving capital of the world, Islamorada lays claim to being promoter. It was fascinating to learn so much about these invasive species that we the sportfshing capital of the world. For the record, it gets my vote. Anglers can keep trying to eradicate. take advantage of the fertile, ofshore waters one day and the next day fsh the REEF just celebrated its 23rd year of marine research and is involved in a inshore wonders of the nearby Everglades. Redfsh, snook, sea trout and other number of diferent initiatives. One is the Grouper Moon project in the Cayman inshore prizes await. It's easy to launch your own boat here, or you can slip into Crustacean ahead! The Rain Barrel Village is a must-stop photo op and a great place to check out local art. Opposite: Just past No Name Key, look for No Name Pub, famous for its "rich" décor, laid-back vibe and excellent pizza. Far right: the author tapping into liquid inspiration.

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