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BY OZZY DELGADO There's no substitute for local knowledge. As a lifelong resident of South Florida and devoted fshing afcionado (that's code for "fsh freak"), I try to make every excuse possible to go down to the Keys. I'm blessed to live only minutes away from the 18-mile stretch of highway that takes you to the entrance of this famous island chain—and I go often. In fact, I have something of a reputation for convincing friends to play hooky from work, just so we can wet some lines. Those who have gone know that a trip down US 1 on the Overseas Highway can trigger an odd reaction among travelers. Locally, it's called Keys Disease—the desire to never leave America's coral-friendly, fsh-infested, Jimmy Bufet-blasting island paradise. There's a laid back atmosphere, a fantastic history, digs that range from cheap to chic, incredible fshing, great diving and much more. But, in the midst of

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