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SeaDek, Inc. amplifer and 16-gauge marine-grade, tinned copper drag knob, integrated drag stops, a reverse gear box To improve traction and ratchet up the comfort speaker wire. It sounds better than Guy's man cave. design (patent pending) and shaped bridges with quotient, SeaDek installed their 6mm bow and low-diameter spool. SG (small game) and BG (big gunnel pads, a set of 20mm coaming bolsters and game) models cover the bases for most excursions. a center console dash and They are highly functional, smooth fghting and made backrest pad with Guy in the USA. Harvey-inspired graphics. EVA material. It's a Fortress Marine Anchors Gotcha Bite Lite UV-protected, non- Work smarter not harder—that's Water activated and submersible to 3,000 feet, these our motto for the boat—so it was a tiny LED lights come in a variety of colors and in Each is a closed cell absorbent foam with a textured micro-dot surface and installs with a high-bond, pressure- no-brainer to hang a lightweight Fortress Anchor of multi-color confgurations. The original is .5-in. in sensitive adhesive, so there's no mounting hardware. the bow. The rugged, aluminum alloy construction diameter and approximately .75-in. long, designed All surfaces are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Most and smart modular design have made Fortress to be inserted into squid baits for swordfshing. Also importantly,it ofers exceptional traction when wet, among the most popular choices for ground tackle available are the Mega Bite Lite and Bait Lite. comfort for standing or leaning, and it protects boat among all kinds of boaters around the globe. Easy surfaces. Kits and custom products are available. to disassemble and stow, fukes can be positioned at 32- or 45-degrees for maximum hold and unique "mud Scent Blazer palms" allow for a faster, more secure setting in any Ofering a full line of both lures and teasers, Scent kind of bottom. Blazer baits can be flled with bait, chum, lights or rattles, greatly enhancing their appeal to big game AudioPipe Marine Stereo System We got serious sound built for saltwater from predators. Lures are available in sizes from six to 18 AudioPipe. All components are built for use in Release Reels saltwater environments with special coatings and Manufactured to be lightweight and nearly eight and 12 inch lengths. Both blow-up the water manufacturing processes. The boat includes: 8-in. indestructible, Release Reels are packed with smart with serious fsh-attraction sound, sights and smells. speaker, 6.5-in speaker, 10-in. subwoofer, four-channel features, like pre-set detents on the drag lever and inches and patented "bowling pin" teasers come in

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