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nation's economy. On the other hand, commercial GHM Issue 11, "A Swordfsh Tale") in which regulation to match both recreational and commercial fshing fshing in the U.S. accounts for more than a million and cooperation within the commercial sector helped restrictions with reproductive seasons. jobs with $32 billion in income and an annual value a prized species bounce back from decline. of $4 billion of seafood, which is nothing to sneeze at. Both contribute handsomely to the economy. However, the one stat that puts it all into If you dive into the amazing whiz-bang World Wide Web, you'll fnd overwhelming support for When Do NTZs make sense? MPAs, as well as NTZs. A majority of scientists, Even the most ardent opponents of NTZs recognize conservationists and environmentalists are perspective is percentage of fsh harvested. instances when banning fshing does make sense. pushing for MPA expansion globally. There is also a Recreational fshing represents less than 3% of the U.S. Probably the best example is during spawning tremendous amount of empirical data indicating that harvest, while the commercial sector brings in more seasons. Guy Harvey's documentary flm, Mystery NTZs have a spillover efect, meaning that an NTZ than 97% of the annual harvest. Those numbers alone of the Grouper Moon, illustrates how NTZs protect a creates a garden so fertile that the sea life spills into should be enough evidence to exempt recreational specifc reef in the Cayman Islands during the full- the take zones for fshermen to catch. This may be fshing from the most stringent regulations. moon spawning cycle. In previous years, fshermen true and wonderful as long as it doesn't encumber the regularly took thousands of Nassau grouper as they guy who bought a fshing cabin so he could fsh from belt tighten over the years with ongoing eforts to (the fsh) gathered on a reef to spawn. In other regions his dock. reduce bycatch and achieve sustainability. In the of the Caribbean, unprotected spawning grounds Gulf of Mexico, commercial guys going after snapper have been fshed to extinction. Through the wonders other parks are set in perpetuity and we all know and grouper have to abide by Individual Fishing of nature, grouper return to the same reef year after that forever is a very, very long time. Reasonable Quotas (IFQs) and many of the boats now have year, making them an easy target for fshermen, even alternatives include creating a catch-and-release cameras aimed at the fshing decks, adding video with rudimentary gear such as hand lines. The Cayman only area until the resource strengthens. This process records to the paper trail they're already required Islands instituted a NTZ to make sure spawning fsh has proven to work well and would cause much less to keep. Fortunately, there are both domestic and were protected. Considering the fact that every turbulence than closing a favorite fshing hole until international success stories, such as swordfsh (see marine species has a spawning cycle, it makes sense the end of time. Commercial fshing has felt the conservation One key objection is that NTZs in California and SUP | CANOE | KAYAK | FISH Nocqua 2000 The Rechargeable, Removable LED Lighting System

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