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Michael Lamore Tyler Murdoch Fishing wishes granted to… Bradley Hoffman Value,Versatility and a Lifetime Warranty SG (small game) Weight – 12.8 oz. Gear Ratio – 6:1 38" per Crank Max Drag – 30# Case Size – 2.50"x2.75" Capacity – Mono 20# 350yd, 30# 275yd, Braid 50# 500yd LG (large game) 100% USA Manufacturing *Currently seeking international distribution partners **Patent pending reverse gearbox design & crank arm assembly Weight – 20 oz. Gear Ratio – 6:1 42" per Crank Max Drag – 40#+ Case Size – 3.25"x 3.25" Capacity – Mono 30# 450yd, Braid 60# 600yd Tel: +1.804.453.3095 Email: Hi--I'm Mark Nichols, fishing finatic first, and owner of DOA Lures second. I design lures because of my love of fishing...certainly not to get rich. My inspirations for designs come from time on the water, not time in the office. I could be (monetarily) wealthier by hanging out at DOA World Headquarters, copying other manufacturers' products and sending my designs outside the U.S. to be produced; however, that would just not be me-- Thomas Fay I define wealth by how happy I am. I consider myself very wealthy. Also, I hire Americans to supply my materials and to produce my lures and apparel. I choose to do this for my peace of mind and for my family...those at home and those at work. Fishing is therapy. Go get some today. Toll-Free 1-877-362-5873

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