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GUY TALK TROUBLE (& SOLUTIONS) IN PARADISE While I was born and grew up in Jamaica, I took up residence in the Cayman Islands Here, as with the rest of the world, in 1999 and have enjoyed living here ever since. The main island of Grand Cayman, there are some easy solutions for some where I live, has incredible scuba diving, outstanding fshing opportunities and is issues and complicated solutions home to the world-renowned Stingray City. The Sister Islands of Little Cayman and for others. In Cayman, lionfsh have Cayman Brac are far less populated and ofer some of the most pristine waters in become the target of dedicated hunting the Caribbean. However, even paradise has its share of problems. tournaments as well as weekly culling In 2012, we had a terrible year for wildlife: the lionfsh invasion continued, sweeps by divers and concerned the Turtle Farm and its inhabitants got a lot of bad press, our beloved stingrays individuals. We're seeing these types of were being stolen from the sandbar, a rogue male dolphin ruined many dives for eradication methods being employed visitors, the grouper spawning sites came under increasing pressure and a proposal in Florida, the Gulf Coast, the Bahamas to expand marine parks had many objectors. On land, the invasive green iguana and all over the Caribbean. Even some continued to spread across Grand Cayman, farmers continued to shoot our national deep-water submarines have taken up GUY HARVEY, PhD bird, the endangered Cayman parrot, and on Cayman Brac, residents continue to the lionfsh cause. The best part is that is an internationally-acclaimed run over endemic, endangered rock iguanas—found nowhere else on the planet— lionfsh are very good to eat. I encourage artist, fsherman, scientist, and at an alarming rate (are people just careless or do they do this deliberately?). restaurant owners to ofer lionfsh on world traveler, who devotes When it's this difcult to manage the natural resources of a tiny island nation, the menu and advertise just how good much of his time and money it puts into perspective the challenges we have trying to keep the planet healthy they are to eat. A grant from the GHOF toward ocean conservation. and sustainable. In Cayman, we have two national environmental watchdogs: the is currently funding studies on the Department of Environment and the National Trust. Both are fghting an uphill efectiveness of culling and the rate of recruitment being conducted by the Central battle, desperately short of the fnances required to conduct the research and carry Caribbean Marine Institute based in Little Cayman. out the enforcement necessary to protect what is so vital to our economy. Sound In Cayman, our marine park system has served us very well for the last 26 years. familiar? Meanwhile, the all-important National Conservation Law languishes out Compared to all other Caribbean countries (except perhaps Belize) we still have there somewhere and the Environmental Protection Fund gets spent on everything some of the fnest shallow snorkeling sites and wall dives anywhere. However, with else but the environment. double the population since then and more demand on marine resources, there is

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