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10 | I've been fortunate that my passion for art has helped to fuel my pursuit of science and research. I began my career as a young college professor teaching marine science and doing artwork on the side. While I loved educating impressionable minds in the classroom, the popularity of my art and the money it generated allowed me to promote the concepts of sustainability and conservation further than I ever imagined. Now, the outreach of the Guy Harvey organization through social media, websites, this magazine and other press, reaches millions of people. It's something I'm committed to, and we can see the positive impact of a consistent and constant message. But, getting the word out is really just the byproduct of doing the fieldwork and the research that needs to be accomplished to advance conservation. That's one of the reasons we created the Guy Harvey Research Institute back in 1999, and why I'm on the water so much tagging sharks, billfish and other marine life. Without the necessary science and data, we are only shooting blindly into the darkness. But, when we have accurate data, we can be effective in managing our fisheries. Over the years, we have focused a lot on sharks and billfish, although we also study stingrays, turtles and other species that need attention. We continue to tag and study shortfin makos and white marlin in Mexico yearly and tiger sharks in The Bahamas. We recently embarked on a new project studying roosterfish in Panama. Scientific research is more important now than ever as pressure on the environment seems to be mounting. For me, there is just no substitute for getting in the boat, going out on the water and doing the work. Other organizations do the same, and with this in mind, we decided to focus part of this issue on another research organization that is also putting their money where their mouth is: the Schmidt Ocean Institute. As you'll read about in the following pages, the SOI is using technology to delve into some of the deepest parts of the ocean where very little research has been done. They've also recently shed light on one of my greatest pursuits—sharks. Specifically, white sharks. This apex predator has always fascinated me, and there is still so much we don't know about them. The SOI is helping to fill in those blank pages. You'll read about a bizarre place in the Pacific Ocean called the White Shark Café, where hundreds of sharks gather each year for reasons we're only just beginning to understand—all because of marine research. The SOI has the luxury of a 272-ft. ship at their disposal, along with some of the most advanced tools for gathering data. Their mission, along with the GH GUY TALK SUSTAINABILITY STARTS WITH SCIENCE

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