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apps can identify 300,000 different plants! The same principles can be used on fish. With accurate, real time data, fishery management will become almost omnipotent. We would be able to cull schools or open or close certain reefs, if need be. Also, having fishing seasons becomes moot. We could spread the season out across the entire year, so the pressure on the fish is not concentrated to a few weeks or months. Maybe I'm just a dreamer. But I believe we can apply the nothing-is-impossible American ideal to keeping our marine ecosystem in balance. As fishing grows in popularity and the desire for seafood increases, so does the importance of ensuring healthy fish populations. And, making sure that I can throw some snapper on the grill, keep my wife and kids happy, and know that we've achieved harmony and sustainability. Then we can work on my newest invention: the Osprey Drone that catches a fresh fish offshore and delivers it to my outdoor kitchen. It could happen. | 81 Left: The author's daughter, Adia Garth, and the captain's daughter, Eme Ellis, show off their catch. Below: Captain David Ellis with a 20-plus-pound hoss daddy snapper. Photos by Fred Garth.

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