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Page 78 of 83 | 79 To conclude, there are lots of stakes and small anchors you can use to keep your yak in position. Hell, you can tie a cinder block on a rope and toss it overboard. Believe me, I've been there, done that. But, if you want to be efficient, stealthy and effective, there's no better solution than the Micro. And yes, you can quote me on that. Steps Four – Twelve: While I'd love to hit you with the final steps in my Kayak Addict's Guide, we have other articles in the magazine and, well, we ran out of pages. You will have to wait for the next issue to learn about the following steps: Steps 4–7 4. Fly fishing from your yak 5. Pros and cons of an electric motor for your kayak 6. Lighting the yak 7. Setting up camera on your yak You can also see videos of each step at the following address: The Micro Fishing Method When I find a fishy-looking stretch of water that I'm itching to explore, whether it's a nice grass flats, sandbar or series of shallow coral heads or oyster beds, I simply position the yak upwind and let the breeze blow me over the kill zone. I do a lot of site fishing, so I stand up for a better vantage point. It's definitely not recommended in the owner's manual, but I stand on the armrests of the seat because it gives me an extra 18-in. of height, thus better viewing. Anyway, as I enter the area I want to fish, I casually reach for the fob, push the down button and Presto!, the spike drives into the bottom and holds me in place. I scan the area looking for redfish, speckled trout, pompano or whatever is sneaking around. Even if I don't see anything, I'll make a few blind casts because, uh, I'm fishing and that's what we do. If no fish chomps on my lure, I raise the spike, let the wind push me 50 ft. or so, then deploy the spike and fish again. I repeat this method until I cover the area (and, hopefully catch a few fish). It's so simple yet so effective. And I don't need to drop and pull up an anchor. I don't have to stumble around the kayak. I just stand there, keep my eyes peeled and fish. The author with a beautifully spotted redfish caught near Pensacola, FL. The Micro Anchor offers up big stopping power with a silent and secure hold.

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