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72 | Flambeau If you're like me, you have way too much fishing gear. Or is there such a thing as too much? Hmm. Well, either way, Flambeau has come to rescue those of us whose garage looks more like a tackle shop than what it should be used for: a place to put all the junk we don't use. While Flambeau doesn't make gear to actually catch fish, they make every conceivable storage container for your gear. And, while tackle boxes may not be sexy, this company has figured out how to sizzle them up. It's called ZeRust and, as the name implies, it keeps your lures and hooks shiny and without rust. Magic, you ask? Well, kind of. ZeRust has a rust inhibitor made with a secret chemical formula. It's invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non- allergenic. So, how do we know it's there? Well, when your hooks don't rust, you'll know. ZeRust releases a corrosion inhibiting vapor that settles on exposed metal surfaces to form a microscopic protective layer. It's true! You can learn many more details on the Flambeau website, but you should know that ZeRust works best on new lures so it's best to remove your lures from the packaging before you use them, then put them in the tackle box overnight. That gives those free-wheeling molecules a chance to coat the metal. Sounds like science fiction but it's science fact. In a final act of brilliance, Flambeau has integrated the ZeRust formula into their plastic dividers so you can have rust protection built into the tackle box. Amazing! DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide Well over 90% of fishermen are men. But if more than 40 million people fish and 10% are women, well, that's about four million female anglers who are being underserved by the fishing community. Maybe that's why DIVA WOW struck a nerve. Founded in 1999 by Judy Rhodes, the DIVA WOW mission is to help, teach and support women worldwide in a friendly, non-threatening, supportive environ- ment by introducing them to fishing and shooting sports and a variety of outdoor activities. DIVA WOW runs clinics, sponsors trips and is focused on mentoring women and youth. With successful clinics throughout the U.S., they have introduced over 4,000 women and youth to the shooting and fishing worlds.

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