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8 | CONTRIBUTOR'S PROFILE Brent Shavnore is a United States Marine Corps veteran turned audio engineer/photographer/ videographer/social media marketing consultant. After serving five years in the Marines and a deployment to Iraq, Brent made his way into the audio/visual world working on documentaries with Forbes Magazine, writing articles for various surfing magazines, producing commercials, and shooting music videos for bands and events all over the U.S. Brent pursued a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Southern Maine to better understand the brain and answer his lifelong question of why a particular piece of art or music resonates with someone. Taking a scientific approach and making the connection between art and the brain is a passion that keeps Brent moving and producing media both audio/ visual and helping companies connect their product to the consumer. BRENT SHAVNORE Above: A self portrait of Brent Shavnore shooting in the field. See more of his artwork in the portfolio section on page 50. Editor's note on the Art of Digital Manipulation As digital photography and Photoshop became commonplace in the 1990s and 2000s, many photographers enhanced their images. Then, of course, the purists railed against digitally modifying photos as cheating. Yet, as we review history, we know that for hundreds of years artists added color or context to their paintings to create more impact. During the Luminism period of art, for example, the landscapes were filled with intense light to glorify the scenes. Even the legendary Ansel Adams used exposure methods to achieve his incredible images. These days, photos are enhanced, blended, created from scratch and modified in myriad ways. And, perhaps, no one does it better than photographer Brent Shavnore, who makes no apologies for his art. As with any artist, he takes pride in his creations, sometimes spending days and using seven or eight images to render one masterpiece. For most of us who see his photos, it's clear that his lens and his computer are equally as important for him to create some of the most dramatic, current modern art you will find anywhere.

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