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70 | 70 | A 20-knot blow will jack up even the most perfectly planned fishing trip. Nonetheless, I suited up in my Frogg Toggs bibs and jacket (the same gear I wear to snow ski) and boarded Capt. Dave Terese's 20-ft. Pathfinder center console. You can legitimately call Capt. Dave a Cajun or a Coon Ass, which is slang for Cajun and can be a compliment or an insult depending on how and to whom you're saying it. In this case, it's an endearing term. Capt. Dave is proud of his roots that trace back to Sicily. His genealogy may or may not have anything to do with his fishing prowess, but his disposition is easy, friendly and happy—the perfect combo when spending six hours on a boat trying to catch fish in near gale force winds. He tucked us into the lee of a small embankment and we ended up landing almost 20 specs and a few reds—not a bad day for a Monday. A few of the boats got skunked so we considered ourselves lucky, or, to be modest...we're just better fishermen than they are. It wasn't one of those 100-fish bayou days that you hear about, but at least we knew we'd be able to supply the chef with something to cook. The next day, the breeze died down and conditions were near perfect. Being a topwater fanatic, I was ready. Once again, we got out before sunrise and I caught a 3-lb. trout on my second cast on the topwater. Trout were rolling all over the surface, so the signs were there for me to slay 'em on top. But for some reason, the fish gods wouldn't have it. I went back to plastic and lead, dragged it slowly across the bottom and hooked up time after time. I lost count, but we put at least 30 in the cooler. If you're thinking that keeping 30 fish is excessive, you have to consider that the limit is 25 fish per person in Cajun Country. We had four fishing in the boat so we could have brought home 100 fish. This is part of the mystique of Louisiana, the Sportsman's Paradise. When people aren't fishing, they're hunting. When they're not fishing or hunting, they're buying fishing and hunting gear. When they're not fishing, hunting or buying gear, they're talking about fishing, hunting and buying gear. It's more than just a lifestyle. Down there, it's life. If you haven't experienced South Louisiana, it's impossible to completely understand how vast and prolific the wildlife is until you've seen, caught or shot it yourself. For those who visit regularly, like I do, there are so many reasons to keep visiting. The fishing, the food, the lovely accent, the amazing people—it draws me back again and again. Now, Ginger and Theophile have piled on one more spicy layer to the LA feast—a night of culinary joy in NOLA. The Fish Fest Above: Captain Dave Terese with a good day's catch. Below: Jack-up rigs line the bay- ous ready to service oil rigs in the gulf.

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