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Page 54 of 83 | 55 Left: Cinque Terre Night to Day. This photo is a product of working with Buffalo Board Games and their Night to Day Jigsaw puzzle series. This photo actually caused a lot of commotion and controversy in the Italian art community. They believe in "pure untouched art" and an "American" night-to-day shot of Cinque Terre, according to them, damaged the historic preservation of the village. | 55 Right: Lighthouse Rainbow. Lighthouses, the coastline and nighttime have always been fascinating to me. After an evening thunderstorm, the light from the lighthouse's lamp hit the cloud just right and produced a beautiful but faint rainbow. It would have been virtually impossible to catch on the camera, so I painted one in. Lunar rainbows are a real thing—look it up—but what I created is the "Lighthouse Rainbow."

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