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52 | Above: The Piece that Broke the Internet. At about three years into creating these digital art peices, I assumed it was common knowledge that my name attached to an image automatically classified it as surrealism and digital art; however, this photo proved that assumption wrong. This image was a still frame from a time-lapse I was shooting as Sub Tropical Storm Alberto was allegedly approaching Pensacola Beach. The clouds were looking rather apocalyptic, but as usual, when imported to the photo software, it looked nothing like what it looked like in real life. In an artistic attempt to recreate the scene's ominous power, I flipped the cloud upside down. From meteorologists, to the actual Weather Channel (yes they actually aired it), the image was shared and viewed over a million times. Fortunately, for the people in panic thinking Pensacola Beach was about to get wiped away by an upside-down cloud, came in to save the day with an article and the true backstory behind this piece that broke the internet.

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