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Guy Harvey Magazine is focused on fishing, boating, scuba diving, and marine conservation. Portfolios from the world's best fishing photographers, articles on gear, travel, tournaments, apparel, lifestyle, seafood recipes, sustainable fisheries.

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Page 44 of 83 | 45 | 45 2) What's your favorite medium? When working in the field, I always prefer pen, ink and watercolor. They allow for the perfect blend of precision and variety needed to capture the wonder of the world. 3) How does your passion for the marine environment influence your art? Spending time working as a tall ship sailor gave me a deep appreciation for the infinite variety of the ocean. The colors and patterns of the sea are never quite the same. I'm always trying to capture the specific feel of being in a new environment—whether on or off the water. I also just love maritime history. It makes sharing stories with enthusiasm very easy. 4) What were the best aspects of working on a research vessel? Scrambling up the companionway every morning to watch the sunrise. There's always a moment of suspense before making it on deck as to what kind of scene you're going to find. Being able to pester so many knowledgeable professionals about their craft at any hour of the day or night was also a huge bonus. 5) What were the greatest challenges of working on a research vessel? Free-handing straight lines in a rough seaway. My visual style is very precise, so I perfected the art of timing my pen lines with the roll of the vessel. 6) How can art save our oceans? The sea is an abstraction for so many people. Even those living on the coast may never have the opportunity to explore a blue water environment. Telling visual stories with an immediate, approachable hook can create a sense of empathy and stewardship both in those who love the sea and those who have only ever dreamed of visiting it. 7) What's your favorite color? I'm on an enormous peacock blue streak right now, which makes a lot of sense given how much time I spend staring at the water. Left: Pen and ink studies from Bellwood's sketchbook, getting a feel for the environment of the vessel. Above: Finished pages from Mappin' the Floor, colored by Joey Weiser.

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