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42 | The team also used traditional net tows to sample marine life from the "midwater" zone up to 1,500 ft. deep, while simultaneously targeting prey species with the ship's echosounder and sequencing DNA from water samples to test for the presence of sharks and prey species. In addition, they conducted measurements of phytoplankton concentration, water chemistry and physics. In a pioneering first, the team successfully sequenced the DNA of white sharks shipboard in the open ocean waters near where the tags had popped free from the sharks. The oceanographic data collected during the cruise suggests that in the Café region, small-scale eddies draw nutrients closer to the surface and enhance biological productivity in this region. These swirling masses of water help generate mixing and promote ocean productivity below the surface, which has not previously been captured by satellite data in the region. The research will enable the scientists to better understand why white sharks invest the energy to travel out to the Café area, and the reason these massive predators concentrate in an area where they may be vulnerable to high seas fisheries. Slocum Glider used on the White Shark Café cruise.

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