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Page 32 of 83 | 33 Left: Scott Bowers and Sophia Brumer retrieve information from an HQ- 60B drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Below: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles carrying scientific instruments took off from a ship for the first time, without the help of any catapult or launching system. In October of 2016, a research team co-led by Dr. Chris Zappa from Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University for the first time co-developed, deployed, and successfully operated a high endurance and high payload vertical takeoff and landing robotic aerial vehicle HQ-60B from Falkor. As a result of 15 flights, it gathered 27 hours of ocean surface data covering many tens of square miles of ocean. This information will transform our understanding of how the microbes inhabiting the ocean surface mediate the exchange of heat and gases across the air-sea boundary and regulate our climate on a global scale.

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