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4 | 20 LUCKDRAGON BRINGS TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO THE HIGH SEAS Take a look inside R/V Falkor at the people and technology that keep the ship and marine research running on all cylinders. 28 SuBastian is a super high-tech remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that can probe more than three miles into the ocean. Follow SuBastian and the discoveries that are unlocking mysteries of the deep. ARTIST AT SEA Promoting collaboration between scientists and artists is part of the SOI mission. We interviewed three artists, Lucy Bellwood, Kirsten Carlson, and Rebecca Rutstein, who spent time on Falkor and created unique ocean art. CONTENTS SUMMER 2018 SAILDRONE: OCEAN EXPLORER Part sailboat, part drone, this mechanical marvel cruises the oceans autonomously, using only the wind and the sun to gather vital data on the ever-changing seas—including helping with fish stock assessments. 34 44 OCEAN SCIENCE IN A DIGITAL AGE WHITE SHARK CAFE Why do white sharks leave California, swim thousands of miles toward Hawaii, then spend two months in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Equipped with the latest ocean gadgetry, the SOI followed some white sharks to find out. 38 SPECIAL SECTION: SCHMIDT OCEAN INSTITUTE 20 In this issue, we're featuring the incredible work of Schmidt Ocean Institute, a non- governmental organization with a 272-ft. research vessel, Falkor, that has been probing the planet's oceans for the past five years. The articles listed on this page outline just a few of the projects SOI is pursuing. ´

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