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26 | spite of the high sulfur content and extreme temperatures, bright white crabs cluster near vents, flat fish kick up sediment as they moved along the seafloor, and bright, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and anemones decorate dark expanses of lava. The enthusiasm of the researchers onboard Falkor is evident from transmitted audio, as awe-struck expressions of geologists and marine biologists are shared as they view these ecosystems for the first time. "Science is the way we listen to what our planet is trying to tell us," says SOI co-founder Wendy Schmidt. "SOI supports developing technologies that help us listen to and understand that message. High-tech ROVs go beyond their role as innovative research tools to stream engaging sights and connect viewers across the globe in a shared fascination with the ocean; and a German fishing vessel becomes a home for an international team united around a common goal of understanding and working to restore our ocean to health." This year, Falkor has already tested long-range, autonomous, underwater robots in the open ocean, setting a record for duration in this type of mission, and has just completed the first oceanographic expedition to the White Shark Café to learn what draws the sharks to these seemingly inhospitable waters between Hawaii and California. Falkor will travel later this year to one of the largest natural marine oxygen deficient zones in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Ocean, explore gas hydrate fields and cold seeps with multiple underwater platforms using 3D visual mapping techniques, and look for new hydrothermal vents in Mexico. Ongoing development at SOI will continue to provide exemplary models of future scientific marine operations that can multiply the capabilities of ocean scientists and reduce many of the risks, costs, and burdens of conventional data collecting. With global strategic partnerships, SOI is leveraging expertise and continues to bring together science and technology through better platforms and tools, leading to more effective research, practical management and globally relevant conservation policies. Despite the crushing pressure at more than 15,000-ft., extreme variations in temperature and complete lack of sunlight, life still thrives at hydrothermal vents in the deep sea. This is a diffuse flow site dominated by snails and sea anemones.

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