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Since 2013, some of SOI's most impressive accomplishments include dis- covering the world's deepest fish, completing the largest inventory of species distributed by depth in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (the largest and deepest UNESCO world heritage site), and visualizing data in near-real-time using virtual reality. The Institute has supported the development of image annotation software Squidle+, which has recently been recommended as the preferred image annotation and data management tool for underwater vehicles in the Australian National Environmental Science Programme, and live streamed incredible, never- before-seen footage of deep coral and hydrothermal vent systems. Often, SOI research expeditions are heavily multi- disciplinary, combining scientists, data, and tools from multiple fields of oceanography and geosciences, as well as engineers and computer scientists. With complementary interests and skill sets, the research teams work together, representing a mixture of scientific novelty and promising insights into the world below the surface. Mandating the open sharing of data for all projects, SOI provides support to facilitate data acquisition, management and sharing. This philosophy is breaking academic glass walls and removing barriers to cooperation among scientists, research labs, and institutions, encouraging the field of oceanography to shift its attitude in favor of openness, collaboration, and equal opportunity. This open sharing does not just apply to academia, of course—SOI is just as dedicated to imparting research on ocean managers working toward conservation efforts. SOI has demonstrated the power of what takes place on Falkor to influence decision-making in ocean conservation, as in the mapping work that contributes to the expansion of protected areas and further research in regions like the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Hawaiian Islands, or collected video data that informs responsible management of deep sea communities. Openly sharing the deep unknown waters does not stop with management; SOI's remotely operated vehicle SuBastian allows anyone with access to the internet to follow dives through live streaming of all its adventures. Collaborators, scientists, and the public can watch, explore, and discover right alongside the researchers on board the ship through SOI's YouTube channel. Recent missions to newly discovered hydrothermal vents have allowed for over two weeks of live footage online. Millions of viewers have been continuously captivated as massive smoking chimneys, lava flows and a lively world of highly adapted animals are viewed. In "Science is the way we listen to what our planet is trying to tell us." | 25

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