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22 | E ven in ancient times, humans probed under the sea. As far back as 400 BC, Aristotle wrote about a diving bell that "enables divers to respire" underwater. Around that same time, Alexander the Great used heavy bells to explore the Mediterranean. Fast forward to Jacques-Ives Cousteau, who in the 1950s, showed us how to swim freely among the fishes and coral reefs. His exploits, books and television shows opened our eyes to the sea's sensitive balance. Today, undersea research remains a deeply human pursuit. Yet, ocean exploration is extremely costly. Most funding comes from governments through science grants—a time consuming and limiting experience. As with the recent growth in privately-funded space exploration by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, the same is happening with ocean research. Thankfully, more private dollars are flowing into studying our highly-threatened aqua-systems. One organization, the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, is perhaps the most innovative non-governmental group to tackle some of our ocean's greatest challenges. SOI's high-tech research vessel Falkor, has been plying our planet's seas relentlessly for more than five years. Its collaborative discoveries and commitment to our oceans are inspirational and helping to shed light on potential threats to what is really the true source of life on planet earth. SOI was established to address the need for increased understanding of our ocean by advancing technological development and accelerating the pace of research in marine science. SOI was created with the ideals of innovation and Michael Utley, bosun, helps guide ROV SuBastian back onto the aft deck after a successful deployment during the ROV's 2016 sea trials in Guam.

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