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12 | NEWS, NOTES & GEAR It might sound like an anti-sexist campaign, but it's actually about cigarettes. Yeah, those butts. For years, it has bothered many of us that smokers don't consider cigarette butts pollution. They grind them out on the ground with their shoe, toss them out of the car window, or worse, throw them on the beach or in the water. So, how many butts do we humans toss each year? Believe it or not, cigarettes rank as the number one littered item on earth. Worldwide, 2.3 million cigarettes are littered every minute. And, more than four trillion cigarettes are thrown away each year. The only thing bigger than that is our national debt! It gets worse. Those nasty filters are NOT biodegradable cotton as they appear to be. Nor are they benign. Butts are actually made of thin strands of plastic—cellulose acetate to be exact—and contain toxic chemicals, including cadmium, lead, and arsenic that quickly leach into the ground or water as they decompose. And, like any plastic, they persist in the environment for many years. With so many butts being tossed around, it's no surprise that they are mistaken as food and have been found in the stomachs of many animals, including fish, birds and sea turtles. While much has been written about this rampant problem, there's a new project we can grab with both hands—the No More Butts Campaign, created by the folks at the TerraMar Project. Anyone can join TerraMar's #NoMoreButts campaign and spread the word on their social network that cigarette butt littering needs to end. The good news is that cigarette butts are recyclable. That's why TerraMar has teamed up with TerraCycle, the world's leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste, to make it simpler than ever to recycle your cigarette butts. Any #NoMoreButts member can email byurasits@ to receive a free shipping label for mailing in their butts to be recycled at TerraCycle's facility. Participants can check back weekly to see their collective impact. There are no more excuses. Stop the litter and start recycling! For more info, go to: No Butts

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