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Page 10 of 83 | 11 Research Institute and the work of many other organizations—both private and public—gives me hope that our children and their children will be able to enjoy the fun of fishing without guilt of harming the environment. That has always been a goal and I'm confident we can achieve it. Even though I might get overly excited about marine research, I realize that some of you are more interested in just fishing. Not that there's anything wrong with that! So for this edition of the magazine, we sent one of our regular contributors, Nick Honachefsky, to the Florida Keys to report on how the ecosystem has recovered from the pounding they received from Hurricane Irma last year. It's a stark reminder that man can do a lot of harm, but the power of nature can be formidable and do far more damage than we can. We also took a look at the vastness of Southern Louisiana, an area with perhaps the most prolific fishing on the planet. And there's a lot more fishing and marine conversation for your enjoyment. Overall, I believe we've put together another fine issue. I hope you enjoy it, too. Fair winds and tight lines. Dr. Guy Harvey is an internationally-acclaimed artist, fisherman, scientist, and world traveler, who devotes much of his time and money toward ocean conservation. GUY HARVEY, PhD

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